woman holding crystals

It all begins with energy.

Energy is everywhere, in everything...in you, the grass, the trees, the chair you are sitting on. A humans individual frequency varies during the day, depending on if we are happy or agitated, if we have slept well or if we are wearing comfortable clothing, ect. An accumulation of different lifetimes on Earth, generational lines and our own life challenges also affect how we experience daily life and our unique frequency. Our emotions (energies in motion) attached to traumatic experiences from childhood or teenage years, all the way to our DNA and soul blueprint can cause significant blocks within our body which can then lead to illness or disease. These belief systems, patterns and memories all create energetic layers throughout our body that are not always for our highest good. Peeling back these layers and healing our energetic body is of utmost importance to uncovering our vibrant, healthy true self!

Healing from within sets YOUR TRUTH free to shine!

Crystals unveil what is meant to be seen-YOU.

Crystals are literally pieces of the Earth and they have their own unique energetic vibration depending on their size, color and structure. These sparkly stones are the oldest form of spiritual transformation and energy healing in human history...they have been around for millions of years and hold so much information encrusted in their crystalline matrix.

Now since a crystals vibration never changes, they are able to provide a remarkable antidote for rebalancing a personas energetic system, as a humans energetic field is dependent on mood, environment, health, etc.. They can activate and uncover dormant codes within you, which helps get you closer to your truth and magic!


During a typical crystal healing session, crystals are intuitively placed on or around the body aligning with specific Chakras in your body.

bowl of crystals, orange, labradorite, carnelian, pyrite

But this isn't your typical Crystal Healing Therapy!

By using the crystalline consciousness of specific crystals, we are able to tap into cellular healing at a DNA level. Lower frequencies, past lives, patterning that is causing blockages in this lifetime, limiting beliefs, imprints, all of these layers can be shed when we call in a crystals consciousness and work with your light codes. These light codes allow access to the very beginning, underneath all the layers that you need to shed in order for you to embrace and uncover who YOU truly are!! These transformational sessions are the beginning of your NEW story...the story of you unveiling all that was hidden, allowing your TRUTH to shine bright and to love ALL parts of yourself! In doing the work now, you will free your past of burdens as well as free future generations of anything that isn't in their highest good. How sweet is that?

Each Crystal Healing session is unique to the individual but may also include the following for well rounded healing for the body, mind & spirit!


The term "Reiki" is derived from two Japanese words: "Rei," meaning "universal," and "Ki," meaning "life energy.

Reiki involves the practitioner placing their hands lightly on or just above the client's body in specific positions, channeling healing energy into the client's body with the intention to encourage a state of balance and healing on all levels of self. This form of energy healing is known to bring you into a relaxed state, accelerate healing, and provide clarity and a deeper spiritual connection.


Emotion Code and Body Code are holistic approaches to health and well-being, focusing on releasing trapped emotions and correcting various energy imbalances in the body. Muscle testing is used to connect to the subconscious mind, to release and correct imbalances in many areas of the body.

Benefits include: physical relief, enhanced relationships & mental health, release of old beliefs and habits and an increase in vitality.


Adding Oracle cards into a healing session brings insight into areas needing healing, providing validation and clarity. They are helpful for navigating challenges, making decisions and fostering personal growth.

Are you ready...

To feel more confident in yourself?

To put yourself first?

To feel safe and seen?

To feel heard and supported?

To release the heaviness?

To gain clarity?

To create and stick to better boundaries?

Have less physical pain?

What have you got to lose?